Malcolm Bonnington is a lifelong Latin teacher who enjoys the melodies of the Latin language and is enthusiastic about its literature. With a very sound grasp of the complexities of Latin he is well versed in the prose and poetry involved. Although now experiencing the opportunities of retirement he will continue to teach classes of school children and interested adults.

Malcolm learnt his Classical languages at Rutlish School, Merton, and after graduating in Latin at Birmingham University he began his long association with the Cambridge Latin Course. Also while teaching he added a London degree in Ancient History and a Reading doctorate on the language of Roman farming. He is also a man of faith with a research interest in chapels and historic churches.

Across the years he has led five minibus-camping expeditions to Rome and Pompeii, giving pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Roman world and tread where the Romans trod.

The Roman poet Horace must have spent many hours people-watching, distilling his observations into lines of golden poetry. This time we shall go back, to the final Ode in his third book, because he created this as a tail piece or swan song. Horace claimed the prize for his success in marrying Greek language and Latin scansion patterns. In this instance Horace used a Greek meter known as” Choliambics”, celebrated for its twelve syllables with a stumble at the end of each line! For his own version Malcolm has turned to a regular English meter based on the “Anapaest”, formed from two short syllables followed by a long syllable. He has also introduced a modicum of rhyme to strengthen his line.

A highly qualified and very experienced classroom teacher in Latin at all levels, with a pleasingly successful pass rate, he also appreciates the patterns of private tuition and is happy to guide school students needing support or adults wishing to enjoy their first steps in Latin. A man of gentle manner and relaxed smile, Malcolm will happily help you with your Latin studies if he can!


Horace Odes 3.30
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